For $16 a month for a candle, 

and $7 a month for soy wax tarts

(& free shipping!)


One limited edition, great smelling, funny named item delivered to your door every month. Treat yourself or give to a friend or loved one. 


1. Choose a product

Choose either a soy candle, a soy wax melt, or a combo of both! Each month is a surprise and ships around the 26th of the month.

2. Choose a frequency

Choose how much you'd like to pre-pay for - 1, 3, or 12 months. (the more months, the bigger the discount!)

3. Get your nose ready!

A smelly package is headed your way! We ship all subscriptions on the same day at the end of the month so you'll receive it by the 1st. 

"I'm obsessed with you guys' candles. They're amazing gifts for out of towners and an even better way to spoil myself"

"Baked bread is my favorite scent. There’s no other candle out there quite like yours."

"Your candles are the JAM!!"

Get smelly...

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How often will I get this box?

Once a month! We'll ship around the 26th of each month so that you receive them by the 1st - - each month the scent is a surprise! We'll show off the scent on instagram around the 1st when everyone has hopefully already received their box. (this means that this box WILL NOT ship right when you buy it! It'll ship at the end of the month)

Limited Edition?

Each scent is only available for one month only. It's available to purchase for non-subscribers on the 1st of the month - but they don't get a discount OR free shipping! If you LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent you get as a subscriber, you can buy more of it all month long at